Cover Artist

Nantz McMillen

The bartender said, “I can’t find the pumpkin butter!” So Nantz couldn’t get their pumpkin spiced booze at Obsidian and had to settle for some other hot spice-drink. Well you know what they say: you can’t choke a fly.  I alwa... Read More →

Devon Demonte

Cover Artist

Interview by Sally Linn

Ordering a licorice and salted caramel ice cream cup for an 11am treat, Devon Damonte maintained his personal unpredictability and whimsy when I met to interview him for this i... Read More →

Ed Sorger Returns to Evergreen

By Chloe Marina Manchester

Evergreen students have had a tumultuous relationship with the police on campus, one of the more notable incidents being a cop car which was flipped, had the word... Read More →