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New Music: You Are Plural

by Issac Scott

Though Olympia pop-rockers You Are Plural have established themselves on the West Coast over the past several years, their new album Rabbit Rabbit is a first in many ways. It’s their first full-length a... Read More →

Interview with John Ford

By Cassandra Johnson-Villalobos As the station’s Development Director, John Ford raises awareness of KAOS’ campus and community resources. He jokingly calls himself the station’s “master of propaganda.” Before graduating from Evergreen i... Read More →

Artist Profile: Jasmine Doughty

by Issac Scott Issac Scott: What are your school plans for the future? Jasmine Doughty: I think I’m doing an animation contract next year with Craig Bartlett. My friend that lives in LA knows him, and we want to go down there and do a contrac... Read More →

An Interview with MGK Ultra

Interview by Josh Wolf / Photos by Jamie Nadel

In their first interview, MGK Ultra talks about Olympia, ritual theater, recording on 4-tracks with Ariel Pink, and “the journey of the soul through the dark night.Read More →