Arts & Culture

Ashley Miller

Cover Artist

IV. I leave the mess. Piss stains color paper, and cd cases crack under my heels. I put on nice shirts and look in the mirror. Two weeks later I carry the mess to the dumpster. I ask about my blood in the jar. You say you poured it in the dirt. He s... Read More →

Harvest Festival

By Jon Fitzgerald

Photos by Tari Gunstone

The Evergreen Organic Farm celebrated its harvest this year with the 35th annual Harvest Festival. My partn... Read More →

Stuff To Do


Wednesday 10/26

Evergreen Costume Swap

Student Activities. 2pm. Free.

Not sure what your costume is going to be yet? Student Activities is hosting a costume swap this Wednesday, Oct. 26, from 2-6 ... Read More →

Rachel Carlson

Cover Artist

I take photographs because they let me represent myself through an image. I feel stronger when I am taking photographs, I feel a sense of purpose. I enjoy documenting other artists at work and my personal work is oft... Read More →