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Horoscopes: 10/5/12

Aries - Be prepared for a sea change in the way you experience the world. If you can let go of your self-doubt and old thinking patterns, your friendships will strengthen and you may find solutions to long-lasting conflict. Taurus - One of your re... Read More →

Horoscopes: 9/17/12

Aries - Choosing how to spend your orientation week will be equal parts exciting and overwhelming for you. If at any point you feel yourself becoming agitated with the masses of humanity, take a trip down to the Campus Recreation Center to blow off s... Read More →

Plastic Bags: A Menace Within

If you haven’t heard, plastic bags are on the outs. As a young environmental idealist from Idaho (a surprisingly conscious state, considering its very red loyalties), I was happy as a new resident of Seattle to lend a hand in the recent bag ban fig... Read More →

The Trials and Tribulations of O-Week

Welcome to Evergreen, Freshman. I’m not going to ask forgiveness for the title of this article, because it’s the truth when it comes to the wondrous time of O-Week here at Evergreen; you’re meeting new people who feel scared by the isolation of... Read More →