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We have filled all editorial positions for the 2016-17 year, however we are still hiring for the positions listed below. To apply email a resume or list of relevant experience and brief introduction stating why you would be a good fit for this position to with the position you are applying for in the subject. Please note that everyone on staff is expected to write for every issue, but previous writing experience is not necessary.

Business Manager & Co-Coordinator 
The Business Manager is in charge of all non content related aspects of CPJ operations. Primarily this means they deal with all financial aspects of running the newspaper. They keep track of our budget, making sure the CPJ is not overspending. They raise revenue by soliciting advertisements from local businesses and deal with all billing associated with advertising revenue. They work with the faculty advisor to do purchasing and hiring for the CPJ, and to make sure staff members are payed the learning allotments they should be. As co-coordinator they interact with Evergreen administration and Student Activities on behalf of the CPJ and help the Editor In Chief lead staff meetings and advise other staff members.

Associate Business Manager
The associate business manager works closely with the Business Manager, helping them with their duties. The business manager and associate business manager have some freedom to decide exactly how they want to fairly divide and collaborate on their responsibilities. A main focus of the associate business manager is to communicate with local businesses to get more advertising contracts, while the business manager is more focused on the billing and logistical/financial aspects.

Web Manager
The Web Manager would be in charge of all online content. Both digitizing what was published in the paper and thinking about how to maximize the potential for our website, considering ideas for web exclusive content and user engagement. The specific duties of the job would include managing which means uploading all articles and content to web; editing photos for web; updating online ads; and working over all to improve our website. They also manage social media accounts which currently only includes facebook but would include twitter or other social media platforms if we begin using them. This means writing posts on behalf of the CPJ, sharing online content to fb, updating pictures, responding to people, and working to maximize engagement via social media. While this is not the primary focus of this position the web manager would also be expected to assist in layout of the newspaper, helping the editor in chief especially with editing photos and images.

Staff Writers
Staff writers write for every issue of the CPJ, and come to all staff meetings where we discuss article ideas and edit articles. They participate in writing workshops with the other writers as well as editors, so are expected to give feedback to their peers. Since the CPJ is a learning environment, no writing experience is necessary. If you are interested in becoming a staff writer just attend a staff meeting and speak to us about the position. Our first meeting is of the year Thursday September 15 at 4pm, but staff meetings are normally held every Wednesday at 4pm in the CPJ office (CAB 332).