Jessica Maia Rasmussen

Cover Artist

Jessica Maia Rasmussen, a senior at Evergreen, left the ART/ WORK program in the Spring to work as a exhibition intern at documenta14 in Kassel, Germany. Documenta is an arts exhibition started as a post-war revitalization project in 19... Read More →

Arts Walk

By Mason Soto

This weekend Olympia’s downtown streets will come alive with culture and creativity at the Arts Walk festival. A staple of downtown community life, Arts Walk offers a quick ... Read More →

POC Talk

The relief of Brett Weinstein and Heather Heyings’ resignation  was accompanied by the hardest of eye rolls following the news of the $500,000 settlement they will be receiving. As POC, the settlement reminds us that the damage and t... Read More →

Wasted Advice

Week of October 4

Should I text him? I mean like fucking for go it. We’re all dieing anyway so what do you have to loooose? Dignity is a lie, boys are evil but do it, follo yr dreams

I’m drowning in class, what do I do? Talk to yr ... Read More →


Week of October 4

By April Davidson

ARIES 3/21 - 4/19

You’ve got ecstatic energy all around you. Moving fast is something you can’t help most of the time but moving forward too quickly... Read More →

School Settles

Weinstein Resigns

By Chloe Marina Manchester

As of Friday, September 15, professors Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying have resigned from their positions at The Evergreen State College after alleging a hostil... Read More →