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Marine Life Spotted

By Val Arias Having such easy access to the biodiverse ecosystem that is the Puget Sound allows Evergreen programs the ability to spot and research emerging epidemics that struck the area, especially the marine life that inhabi...

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Stuff 2 Do

May 3–May 17

By Chloe Marina Manchester & Jasmine Kozak Gilroy The Brotherhood takes flight Wednesday 5/3. The Brotherhood. 8pm. 21+. From the Event: “Marlo’s back in town!!!! Come see what one of Airbound Underground’s beloved travelin...

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Spring Arts Walk

Olympia Welcomes Spring with the Weekend Long Event

By Ruby Love Photographs by Tari Gunstone Spring Arts Walk kicked off this past weekend, flooding downtown Olympia with crowds of people. A long-overdue break in the rain on Friday likely contributed to the crowds, as the city ...

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Tari Gunstone

Cover Artist Statement

Tari Gunstone works professionally as a portrait and event photographer while studying Environmental Photojournalism and Botany at Evergreen. She also writes and photographs for the Cooper Point Journal. You can find her work a...


Nine Arrested in Mayday Action

Property Damage and Clashes with Police in Downtown Olympia

By Sylvie Chace The evening of May 1 brought with it broken glass and clashes with the police, a time-honored tradition in the Northwest. Nine were arrested after the march, which police dubbed ‘a riot’, snaked through downtown...


Update on Detention Center Hunger Strike

By Jasmine Kozak-Gilroy On April 15, the Tacoma News Tribune published an opinion piece by GEO Group vice president James Black regarding recent protests against the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in which he claimed, “The c...


Education First on Campus

By Jasmine Kozak-Gilroy The EF, or Education First, campus is tucked away on the fourth floor of the Seminar I building, sharing floor space with the relocated Office of Sexual Violence Prevention (OSVP). For Evergreen students...


Self Care When you Want to Scream

Constantly being immersed in conversations about race and injustice will take its toll. The first time I took an African American history class, I started self harming. I found it completely overwhelming, just trying to deal wi...

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Grasping at the Echoes: An Interview with Phil Elverum

Mount Eerie’s “A Crow Looked At Me” and the Struggle of Articulating Real Death

By Jeremy Bertsche “It’s dumb,” sings Mount Eerie’s Phil Elverum on the first track of his devastating, heartfelt new record, “A Crow Looked At Me”, “and I don’t want to learn anything from this.” Yet just as quickly as the mos...


Trial for Andre & Bryson Begins

By Chloe Marina Manchester The trial for brothers Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin, two young black men who were both shot by white Olympia Police Officer, Ryan Donald, in May 2015, finally began Monday, April 10, almost two y...


Northwest Detention Center Detainees go on Hunger Strike

Supporters Set Up Camp Outside the Immigration Detention Center

By Felix Chrome On Monday, April 10, inmates at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma Washington began a hunger strike in protest of what they consider to be inhumane conditions in the Detention Center and unjust long detain...