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Local Spice Shop Erects Wall

Downtown Business gets Creative in Pursuit of a Cleaner Stoop

By Jasmine Kozak Gilroy Anne Buck, owner of Buck’s Fifth Avenue, was tired of being met each morning by folks sleeping in her doorway, and tired of cleaning up after them, so she built a wall around her doorway with a lock to k...

Arts & Culture

Dirty Photos Grace Galerie Fotoland

Exhibit Features Snap Shots of Mud Covered Bikers

By Ruby Love Evergreen’s Galerie Fotoland is playing host to a gorgeous series of wild, mud-splattered portraits by photographer Ryan Richardson. Richardson, who is also the Photography Lab Manager at Evergreen (woo!) shot the ...


Earth Month Kicks Off

A Look Inside the Procession of the Species Studio

By Tari Gunstone On Saturday, April 1, environmental groups and earth-loving individuals gathered at the Capitol steps to kick-off Washington’s first official Earth Month celebration. The campaign to expand Earth Day, April 22,...


Day of Absence Changes Form

By Chloe Marina Manchester Together, Day of Absence and Day of Presence make up an annual two day event for all members of the Evergreen community to explore issues of race, equality, allyship, inclusion, and privilege. This ye...

Arts & Culture

Chris Bryan

Cover Artist

Photography—both creating and viewing it­­—always seems like a continuous experiment in what to reveal and what to obscure. I use photography to attempt to process the world as it happens, to reflect the way I view people, and ...

Letters & Opinion

DL on the Faculty DL

Update on the Email Chain

The drama on the staff and faculty DL is burning bright as ever and until it dies down we will be bringing you one email each and every issue. This week’s installment is brought to you by the Cooper Point Journal’s Man of the Y...



Week of April 5

By Sylvie Chace On Sunday, April 2, Venus transitioned from the passionate and fiery sign of Aries and into the watery depths of dreamy Pisces. The Venus retrograde has affected some more than others these past few weeks and no...


Tensions Run High at Pro-Trump Rally

Olympia “Spirit of America” Rally draws Trump fans and Protesters

By Jasmine Kozak-Gilroy and Felix Chrome On Saturday March 4 an estimated 200 Trump supporters gathered at Heritage Park, for the “Spirit of America” rally celebrating Trumps policies, as well as conservative and nationalist th...


Trump Issues New Travel Ban

Original Ban Halted after Washington Lawsuit

By Chloe Marina Manchester On Monday, March 6, President Donald Trump issued a new executive order updating previous ban on immigration and travel from six majority Muslim countries. On Thursday, March 9, Washington state Attor...


WA “Blue Lives Matter” Bill

Senate Passes Bill Including Police in Hate Crime Statute

By Jasmine Kozak-Gilroy On March 10 Senate Bill 5280 (SB 5280) passed in the Senate chamber with a 35–14 vote, allowing it to move forward into the House. SB 5280’s intended purpose is stated as “making crimes and threats again...


“RE: Equity, Inclusion, Silence and Fear”

Faculty Emails Reveal Controversy Over Race and Diversity at Evergreen

Here at The Cooper Point Journal we are very invested in sharing information relevant to our campus community and strive to hold the Evergreen administration, faculty and staff accountable for their words and actions. As the Ev...