New Positions Aim for Equity and Diversity

Hey guys and welcome to POC Talk, this issue we’re talking about potential Vice President and Provost of Equity and Inclusion candidates. The Vice Provost of Equity and Inclusion will serve as chair for the Equity and Inclusion Counci... Read More →

Wasted Advice

May 17

Can you whittle wood? What!!?!?!??????!??!!!!!!! This is what you ask a drunk person? To play with sharp knives? No.

What is your favorite hip hop song and why? Hip hop and rap have been so mixed together that I’m n... Read More →


May 17

By Sylvie Chace

With the passing of the Scorpio full moon that happened on the May 10, we find ourselves in a transitional period. You may find yourself reflecting on how far you’ve come, yet facing... Read More →

Marine Life Spotted

By Val Arias

Having such easy access to the biodiverse ecosystem that is the Puget Sound allows Evergreen programs the ability to spot and research emerging epidemics that struck the area, ... Read More →