Tari Gunstone

Cover Artist Statement

Tari Gunstone works professionally as a portrait and event photographer while studying Environmental Photojournalism and Botany at Evergreen. She also writes and photographs for the Cooper Point Journal. You can find her work at www.tar... Read More →

Education First on Campus

By Jasmine Kozak-Gilroy

The EF, or Education First, campus is tucked away on the fourth floor of the Seminar I building, sharing floor space with the relocated Office of Sexual Violence Pre... Read More →

Self Care When you Want to Scream

Constantly being immersed in conversations about race and injustice will take its toll. The first time I took an African American history class, I started self harming. I found it completely overwhelming, just trying to deal with the pa... Read More →

Trial for Andre & Bryson Begins

By Chloe Marina Manchester

The trial for brothers Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin, two young black men who were both shot by white Olympia Police Officer, Ryan Donald, in May 2015, finally began Mon... Read More →