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Student Filmmaker Nik Nerburn Spills the Beans About His Artistic Journey

What type of film would you consider “Paul: The Secret Story of Olympia’s Satanic Sheriff”? I would call it an experimental documentary. It’s sort of like a combination of an essay film – exploring an idea rather than a p...


Cupcakes & Beer

“Beer and cupcakes. What an awesome combination,” exclaimed Adam Meredith, a regular customer at Bonjour Cupcakes, as he sipped on a home brewed beer. On the night of November 10, Bonjour Cupcakes held its first Beer and Cupcak...

Arts & Entertainment

Chillin’ with Jeffrey Lewis

With the sound of his friend and collaborator Kimya Dawson in the background, Jeffrey Lewis, whose unique mixed media approach has led to international success, answered questions in between sets Saturday night at the Northern....

Letters & Opinion

Where Did the Spirit Go, Greeners?

We all come to Evergreen for one reason or another, be it the close proximity it has to our homes, the education it gives students that’s unlike anything else in the college-universe, or that it was super easy to get into. Rega...

Arts & Entertainment


Finding time in her busy schedule, our cover artist this week gave us some insight into her art. What is your favorite medium? Most of my work is sharpie or le pen on cardboard, wood, or paper. In the past I worked mostly with ...

Sports & Recreation

Men’s Basketball Looks to Outplay Ranking

The men’s team kicked off their season immediately after the women’s team on Saturday, losing to the men’s basketball alumni team 82-74. It was clear early on that the alumni team was more physically mature than the average tea...

Arts & Entertainment


If you’re a practicing musicophile, chances are you’ve heard of King Dude’s cult hit “Lucifer is the Light of the World” off his 2011 album Love. A true Washingtonian (he was born in Kennewick), his dark, sometimes brooding, so...

Print Edition

Fall Week 6: 11/1/12

Download: 11_1_12* *Awarded Honorable Mention by the College Media Association for “Best Newspaper” at the College Media Conference in New York City 2013.


Not Enough Books to Go ‘Round

Book Shortages There have been several complaints of book shortages by students and professors this quarter that have impacted students’ ability to keep up with classwork. The existing book-buying policy at the Greener bookstor...

Sports & Recreation

The Outdoor Program: Mt. Rainier National Park

The Outdoor Program recently took a trip to the northeast area of Mount Rainier National Park. On Sunday, October 7, TOP staff led a group of Evergreen community members on a hike up around Burroughs Mountain. The journey gave ...


The Gnomestead: A Public Nuisance?

A History The Olympia Gnomestead House, filled with radicalism, music, and community, has housed an ever-evolving congregation of students and drifters alike for over a decade. A former Evergreen professor previously owned the ...