Strike Brings Campus to a Standstill



Imagine a college campus without student support staff – no Residential Directors, student advisors, or records and registration staff. Recruitment and admissions... Read More →

Artist Profile: Laura Davie

Laura Davie is a 23-year-old British born artist who now resides in the northwest, and graduates from Evergreen this spring. Her work displays versatility, as she continues to push herself to utilize new styles. She is particularly known... Read More →

Union Strike at The Evergreen State College

OLYMPIA - The Evergreen State College is at a standstill as members of the Student Support Services Staff Union (SSSSU) urge community members to join and observe the strike.  Participants are gathered at all 12 entrances to the college to block tra... Read More →

AKA and the Heart Hurt Goods

By Cassandra Johnson-Villalobos

“You would've never thought I was capable of this, if you met me in person,” opens one of the most emotionally potent tracks on Heart Hurt Good, the new CD from Olympia hip hop band A... Read More →

Wasted Advice: 4/25/13

I went to Rainy Day Records to get an LP that is so obscure they didn't even know how to order it. Am I a hipster?

-Not That I Care

First off, hippies don’t know how to use computers, so of course th... Read More →

Upright Citizens: Not For Children

Even with a small child in the front row, nothing was off-limits for the Upright Citizens Brigade.

For the third year in a row, presented by Evergreen’s comedy group Generation Friends, the Upright Citizens Brigade (U... Read More →