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Sports & Recreation

Men’s Basketball Breaks Conference Slump

Though the Geoducks are stuck in a 1-11 skid since the beginning of the break, the team had a major breakthrough over the break. After going 0-18 against in-conference opponents last season, the Geoducks had a 24-game losing st...

Letters & Opinion

How to Listen to Jokes: A Supremely Biased Guide

I try to tell jokes. It’s what I want to do. In a long-term way. Like preferably, down the road, for money. It’s a weird thing. I know. It doesn’t not have to do with personal insecurities and a deep-seated desire to somehow pl...

Print Edition

Winter Week 2: 1/17/13

Download: 1_17_13

Arts & Entertainment

Evergreen Gallery Breaks Out Big Name Artists

It has been over forty years since Evergreen began gathering artwork for The Evergreen State College Art Collection, over time procuring outstanding pieces by West Coast artists and nationally-recognized photographers. Some of ...

Letters & Opinion

Continuing Thoughts on Israel/Palestine

The Final Entry: A Summative Reflection and Looking Forward The occupation is still happening, and now that I understand better U.S. complicity in human rights abuses in the region, I can’t stop thinking about it and trying to ...

Campus Life

Former Black Panther Captain Speaks at Evergreen

“When I decided to write [My People are Rising],” said Aaron Dixon, former captain of the Seattle Black Panther Party, at the beginning of his lecture, “I really wanted to write something different…I really saw this book as par...

Campus Life

Student Spotlight: Alex Stambor

Alex Stambor is passionate about the sciences. A fifth-year senior pursuing a dual Bachelor of Arts and Science degree, Stambor is currently immersed in the upper-division science program Environmental Analysis. The program’s e...

Sports & Recreation

TOP Heads to the Coast

The Outdoor Program ventured out to the wild Olympic coast this last weekend. A full van of nine Evergreen students made the four-and-a-half-hour drive out to Ozette to backpack around the scenic loop. As they pulled into the p...

Arts & Entertainment

Hellships Break Out With “Leaden Hum”

by Issac Scott The first thing you notice about Hellships when they play live is their sheer brutality. Sure, a lot of bands play loud. Every high school metalhead has their Marshal half-stack of amplifiers turned to 11. But He...

Arts & Entertainment

Artist Profile: RACE DILLON

When did you start taking photos? I got my first camera when I was fifteen as a birthday present. I never asked for one or particularly wanted one, but I guess my mom knew. I started taking it to the skatepark with me and it ev...

Arts & Entertainment

Music Theater Program Performs Final Project

Musical theater program puts on an end of the quarter extravaganza. The Evergreen Singers and students from the program Musical Theatre in Cultural Context put on a concert outlining the entire history of musical theatre in jus...