Battle of the Bibimbap!

During spring break I made a discovery. I tasted a dish that had been on my To-Eat list for a long time: bibimbap. Take a few seconds to absorb that – I know the name is different than a burger or salad. It’s different because it is ... Read More →

Wasted Advice: 4/11/13

Why do hospitals in Singapore use such terrible painkillers?

-Singapore Sling

Everyone knows that Singapore hates drugs and they hate you.

Why are people afraid to go to Le Voyeur?Read More →

Wasted Advice: 3/18/13

I want to start dating and it’s hard for me to find people I’m interested in who aren’t scared off because I’m kinky. I don’t feel right about trying to build a relationship with someone I know I’m incompatible with, but I al... Read More →

Clean Energy Committee Saves Bus Pass Program

The Geoduck Student Union  (GSU) reported in an email on February 25 that, “the Bus Pass program has a $100,000 shortfall and will be shut down next quarter,” unless there is another way to cover that shortfall.

On... Read More →

What Kind of Man Am I?

Two weeks ago, Evergreen students were offered a series of events centered around the theme ‘No One wins in Patriarchy Week’ and, as a follow-up to those events, on March 5, the ‘International Womyn’s Week’ hosted an event titl... Read More →

Student Profile: Lauren Driscoll

Over the last two quarters, Lauren Driscoll and other students in her program studied and performed Beggar’s Opera, an opera written by John Gay in the 18th century. The program, Musical Theater and Cultural Contexts, performed the ope... Read More →

Nü Sensae Keeps Northwest Punk Rock Alive

Like a great Quentin Tarantino shootout, the new record from northwest punk trio Nü Sensae balances perfectly on the edge of senselessness: simultaneously orgiastic and faultlessly choreographed. Their second album, Sundowning was released last s... Read More →