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Horoscopes: 10/19/12

Aries – Trick: Your competitive nature is leading you to feel high-strung and anxious this week. Treat: Phone it in for a day. Last minute Halloween costume: Occupy Olympia protestor Taurus – Trick: You feel that th...


Government Proposed HIV Prevention Cuts

Local HIV/AIDS prevention organizers and concerned community members met on Monday, October 15 at 5:30 p.m. for an emergency town hall meeting at the United Communities AIDS Network (UCAN) office to plan a response to proposed ...

Campus Life

Vox Pop: 10/19/12

Do you think it is important to vote in the upcoming Presidential election, and why? Andy Jacobson: “I think it’s important to vote in the election if you really know what you are voting for.”  Gunnar Johnson:...

Letters & Opinion

Why Bother?

“All that once was directly lived has become mere representation.” – Guy Debord To borrow a line from Politics is not a Banana, Barack Obama does not exist. Neither does Mitt Romney. Nor Joe Biden, or even that studly Pau...

Print Edition

Fall Week 4: 10/19/12

Download: 10_19_12


Olympia Punk Bands Make Dough for Political Activists

Six local punk bands played October 12 at Northern to raise awareness for a political issue that has hit close to home here in Washington’s capitol. Angry Music for Real ‘¢hange’ Around 200 young people gathered at the voluntee...

Arts & Entertainment


  How long have you been drawing? Since second grade I guess, I started drawing little video game puzzles, levels, the little monsters that would fill up the arenas. I remember doing little projects I guess. Since I could ...

Arts & Entertainment

LP Review: THE HEIST | Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Evergreen students can walk with their heads held a little higher now, since Evergreen alum Ben Haggerty (better known by his stage name, Macklemore) released his second full studio album with collaborator Ryan Lewis. The Heist...

Sports & Recreation

Midseason Mark Passes, Geoducks Lose at Home

Men win twice on the road but fall at home while the Women lose heartbreaking double overtime match After two solid wins by the Second-Place Men’s Soccer team over Northwest Christian and College of Idaho, the Geoducks struggle...

Letters & Opinion

The Sad Reality

It’s the 2012 elections and this year marks the first year that I am able to vote for the next U.S President. For many this would be exciting, but for me it is just a reminder of the sad reality. Of the 20 years of my lif...

Letters & Opinion

Let Them Debate!

Jill Stein and her running mate Cheri Honkala were arrested outside of the second debate Tuesday, October 16 after attempting to enter the debate hall at Hofstra University, but were turned away due to lack of credentials. Stei...