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The Sad Reality

It’s the 2012 elections and this year marks the first year that I am able to vote for the next U.S President. For many this would be exciting, but for me it is just a reminder of the sad reality. Of the 20 years of my lif...

Letters & Opinion

Let Them Debate!

Jill Stein and her running mate Cheri Honkala were arrested outside of the second debate Tuesday, October 16 after attempting to enter the debate hall at Hofstra University, but were turned away due to lack of credentials. Stei...

Letters & Opinion

What We Need is Humanism

This is the problem with the election: the two-party system we have is not substantially different from a one-party system. Sure, we may have more angry people on screens telling us why the other half of the country is wrong th...

Arts & Entertainment

Riot to Follow Pull Off “Complete Works” Despite Setbacks

No one, it seems, takes to heart the phrase, “The show must go on,” like the Riot to Follow Theater. True to their craft, the company of players made do spectacularly with Lecture Hall I, transforming it from a traditional clas...

Print Edition

Fall Week 2: 10/5/12

Download: 10_5_12_Week2

Letters & Opinion

Register to Vote Young Whippersnappers!

Who can tell me when the November elections are? Did you know they were in November? As returning students can tell you, and as the young freshman no doubt already knows by the dreaded locks blowing in the breeze, Evergreen is ...

Letters & Opinion

Greeners Travel to West Bank

The Evergreen campus has more than a few radicals, advocates and activists, who devote much of their time to social justice and change. But only a small group will be plunging headlong into a conflict that has seen such death a...

Arts & Entertainment

Artist Profile: LEO SHALLAT

Are you crazy about the cover? We sure are. The mesmerizing creation is thanks to Leo Shallat and Olivia Guterson who were kind enough to grace our pages with their ink (well, metaphorically at least). Here’s a little peek into...

Letters & Opinion

Horoscopes: 10/5/12

Aries – Be prepared for a sea change in the way you experience the world. If you can let go of your self-doubt and old thinking patterns, your friendships will strengthen and you may find solutions to long-lasting conflic...

Campus Life

Recipe: Devil’s Breakfast

Devil’s Breakfast What you need: 4 eggs 4 button mushrooms 3 strips of bacon ¼ cup shredded cheese 2 to 3 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 teaspoon butter a pinch of salt In a small pot, boil the eggs over medium-high heat for 12 minut...

Sports & Recreation

Mixed Bag as Geoducks Return From Oregon

Men’s soccer continues its hot streak with a brief hiccup, women falter in spite of wizardry by their keeper, and cross country competes all across state lines After a week mostly spent across the border, our Geoducks returned ...