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Student Group Spotlight: Generation Friends

Everyone has asked the question at some point: Who are the Generation Friends? The Generation Friends Comedy Arts Coalition has been on campus for 12 years. According to Caleb Hepker, a club coordinator, they began as, “The Eve...

Arts & Entertainment

LP Review: SHIELDS | Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear break the confines of art-gallery rock with their new LP Shields, released September 18 on Warp Records. The Brooklyn quartet brings a Baroque flair to cutting edge rhythms on their sublimely complex fourth studio ...


Referendum 74: The Rundown

In February of last year, the Washington State Legislator passed Senate Bill 6239, legalizing same-sex marriage. Shortly after the bill was passed, opponents of the bill gathered enough signatures to suspend the bill and demand...

Arts & Entertainment

Music Spots

Olympia has a deep and storied history of live music since the 60s, stemming largely from Evergreen’s influence. Washington state’s capital has served as a training ground for bands such as Nirvana, Modest Mouse, The Melvins, a...

Campus Life

Places & Spaces

Besides the library and dorms, the College Activities Building (CAB) will become your home away from home. Everything you need to survive Evergreen resides in this newly renovated structure: the Greenery, KAOS, the Market Place...

Arts & Entertainment

Album Review: Animal Collective – Centipede HZ

Perhaps the most obvious conclusion one can reach about Animal Collective over their 13-year stint of recording is that they have consistently avoided doing the same thing twice.They are exceptional at defying expectations and ...

Letters & Opinion

Horoscopes: 9/17/12

Aries – Choosing how to spend your orientation week will be equal parts exciting and overwhelming for you. If at any point you feel yourself becoming agitated with the masses of humanity, take a trip down to the Campus Re...

Letters & Opinion

Plastic Bags: A Menace Within

If you haven’t heard, plastic bags are on the outs. As a young environmental idealist from Idaho (a surprisingly conscious state, considering its very red loyalties), I was happy as a new resident of Seattle to lend a hand in t...

Letters & Opinion

The Trials and Tribulations of O-Week

Welcome to Evergreen, Freshman. I’m not going to ask forgiveness for the title of this article, because it’s the truth when it comes to the wondrous time of O-Week here at Evergreen; you’re meeting new people who feel scared by...

Sports & Recreation

Women Struggle, But Start to Improve

The Lady Geoducks struggled a tad in their match against Lutheran, losing 0-2. Led by captains Leah Aragon (senior), Teresa Lopez (senior), and Lea Rohan (senior) the team showed great energy and looks to greatly improve on its...

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