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Any Evergreen student can submit content to the CPJ! While we are always looking for more people to get involved you don’t have to work at the paper to get articles or art published. If you have a submission or are an idea for a possible submission email us at or come to CAB 316. We generally need submissions at least a week before the next issue comes out. As the Evergreen students’ newspaper, we try to publish content that focuses on local issues and people or directly affects Evergreen and Olympia. Below are some more in-depth guidelines for the different content submissions we accept.

Current, factual accounts of events, topics, and people relevant to Evergreen students and the Olympia community. Writing news is hard, especially if you haven’t done it before, but don’t be intimidated, we will can collaborate with you to help shape, revise, and edit pieces. Since news articles require the most in depth support, we also need the most time. Please keep in mind our print schedule and talk to us about as early as possible.

Letters, articles, or essays that give your perspective about a certain issue. These can be long fully developed articles or just a short letter in response to something we published. We hope to be a space to foster discussion and provide a platform for a wide range of perspectives, so don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts and opinions, but please be respectful of others while doing so.

Reviews or previews of music, performances, writing, visual art, etc. Photos of cool arts event or concerts that happened (with a short write up), and videos for the website.

Each issue we feature artwork by an Evergreen student or alum on our cover, with a statement or interview and some more art inside. Got something cool? Send it our way and your work could be the next cover!

We just can’t scratch our comics itch! Please help us by submitting either a comic or a panel to or in person at CAB 332.

Your comic should be in the form of either a strip or a panel. Your STRIPS should be 13″ wide x 4″ tall and your  PANELS should be 7″ x  7″. They can be larger or smaller, as long as they maintain that ratio. Keep in mind that these will be shrunk down to half that size and may become illegible after doing so. If that happens, we may contact you to revise. If submitting digitally, please submit in a quality of 300 dpi or higher.

Please also include your name, phone number, name of the work, and contact e-mail with your piece either as a cover letter with your physical submission, or in the e-mail with your work attached.


We try to put everything we can find on our calendar but sometimes we miss stuff, if you have an event coming up in the Olympia area email us the info so we can include it.