artist statement

Jessica Maia Rasmussen

Cover Artist

Jessica Maia Rasmussen, a senior at Evergreen, left the ART/ WORK program in the Spring to work as a exhibition intern at documenta14 in Kassel, Germany. Documenta is an arts exhibition started as a post-war revitalization project in 19... Read More →

Tari Gunstone

Cover Artist Statement

Tari Gunstone works professionally as a portrait and event photographer while studying Environmental Photojournalism and Botany at Evergreen. She also writes and photographs for the Cooper Point Journal. You can find her work at www.tar... Read More →

Chris Bryan

Cover Artist

Photography—both creating and viewing it­­—always seems like a continuous experiment in what to reveal and what to obscure. I use photography to attempt to process the world as it happens, to reflect the way I view people, and to ... Read More →

Ashley Miller

Cover Artist

IV. I leave the mess. Piss stains color paper, and cd cases crack under my heels. I put on nice shirts and look in the mirror. Two weeks later I carry the mess to the dumpster. I ask about my blood in the jar. You say you poured it in the dirt. He s... Read More →

Rachel Carlson

Cover Artist

I take photographs because they let me represent myself through an image. I feel stronger when I am taking photographs, I feel a sense of purpose. I enjoy documenting other artists at work and my personal work is oft... Read More →

Andie Giron

Cover Artist Statement

I have spent the last three years in Olympia, growing, running into the same 13 people on the Westside, and most importantly, learning that I could bring parts of my freaky, outrageous inside world to the outside. My art is inspired b... Read More →

Cover Artist: Ricky Osborne

I photograph things that don’t appear to have much beauty on the surface; their essence may be dark and ugly. The purpose is to create a more dynamic, universal aesthetic, to evoke unfamiliar feelings. I was drawn to this project by u... Read More →

Cover Artist: Ruby Thompson

By Ruby Thompson

If you’ve picked up an issue of this newspaper in the past four years, you have seen at least one thing that I’ve drawn. When I came to Evergreen, the Cooper Point Journal was just going back i... Read More →