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The bartender said, “I can’t find the pumpkin butter!” So Nantz couldn’t get their pumpkin spiced booze at Obsidian and had to settle for some other hot spice-drink. Well you know what they say: you can’t choke a fly.  I always drink a vodka with grapefruit. Speaking with Nantz, it’s almost like they only speak in aphoristic phrases. Nantz taught me some things during our conversation. It turns out wolf packs are a family unit. The alpha/beta distinction is bullshit! And aquatic mammals have huge nose cavities that help diffuse the cold air across a larger surface. And how observation is the foundation of change. I’ve been mulling over this last point and wondering about how I look at the world and all that I don’t see through the blinders of privilege, location, time, etc. Why is Nantz our feature in this issue? They’re an artist who’s been making science illustrations and animations since they could hold a crayon. Well, the animat...

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I photograph things that don’t appear to have much beauty on the surface; their essence may be dark and ugly. The purpose is to create a more dynamic, universal aesthetic, to evoke unfamiliar feelings. I was drawn to this project by unanswered questions and mystery. It’s likely this series wouldn’t have occurred without the guidance of a documentary photography program taught by Steve Davis at the Evergreen State College. Our final project required us to work with real people, events, and places. This work comes from an investigation into the final days of a local abandoned structure. The building’s history includes multiple oil spills and owners. Every attempt to contact any entity or person affiliated with the building remained unreturned. The unexpected demolition in March of 2016 marked the end of my work. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="5600,5602,5603"]