Ruby Love

Cover Artist

After two years, our beloved Arts  & Culture editor Ruby Love will be leaving us. We are excited to be able to publish her work before she heads off to greener pastures.

“These photographs were made as part of ... Read More →

The Lowdown on Photoland

By Sally Linn

Photoland here at Evergreen is a haven for all things photography and it’s available to use for free for enrolled students. While it is one of Evergreen’s many amazing res... Read More →

Tari Gunstone

Cover Artist Statement

Tari Gunstone works professionally as a portrait and event photographer while studying Environmental Photojournalism and Botany at Evergreen. She also writes and photographs for the Cooper Point Journal. You can find her work at www.tar... Read More →

Chris Bryan

Cover Artist

Photography—both creating and viewing it­­—always seems like a continuous experiment in what to reveal and what to obscure. I use photography to attempt to process the world as it happens, to reflect the way I view people, and to ... Read More →

Rachel Carlson

Cover Artist

By Ruby Love

Rachel Carlson is a senior at Evergreen, focusing her studies in photography, and graduating this quarter (congratulations, Rachel!) We talked with Rachel about how she got her... Read More →

Blaine Ewig

Cover Artist

Blaine is one of my dear friends, she is tough and angry—in the best doesn’t take people’s shit will always have my back in a fight sort of way—and tells me she thinks art is stupid. Yet she takes beautiful, tender, intimate, we... Read More →