Body Party

Welcome Back!

Dear Body Party,
What’s going on here? Why are we still doing this? What’s the point? Just Checkin’ in,
-Body Party

Hey there Body Party!
Nice to hear from you. It’s been a while!

For all you new comers out there (and all of those Cooper Point Journal veterans who have never ventured this far into our paper) Body Party is a sex positive sex and relationship advice column, which was created to field questions about sex and relationships in a mindful way to help promote safe, healthy, and more fruitful relationships and sexual encounters. Sex, love, and everything in between are normal parts of existing as a weird flesh mass, but the way that we approach and talk about those things tend to be steeped in stigma, socialization, and mis- education.

Since we’ve started writing Body Party, we’ve gotten quite a few questions from the community about what it means to be a “sex positive” advice column.
To us, being “sex positive” means holding emotional safety above all else.

Not everyone is kinky, or kinky in the same way. Not everyone is vanilla, or even the same shade of vanilla. No two people’s bodies or selves are the same, so no two people will have sex the same way. But everybody wants to feel safe and comfortable.

Body Party is founded on the idea that consent plays a central role in building and fostering safe and healthy relationships. The idea that you don’t need to ask your partner to understand what they want or need stems from the assumption that you know what they need, which is unlikely to be true. Body Party believes that consent is more than just asking if it’s okay to kiss your partner’s belly button, or fuck them in a certain way. Consent is about addressing one of humanity’s overarching truths- that everybody is different, wants different things, loves differently, and expresses themselves differently.

There is a lot of trust that goes into asking a stranger intimate questions. We’re here to make sure that your personal questions are treated with respect and tenderness.

Ask us about your boyfriend. Ask us about your new toy. Ask us about your nipples. Ask us about love and lust. Ask us about heartbreak. Ask us about anal. Ask us about your best friend.

Give us your questions, and we promise to give you respect and honest advice.

Hope to hear from you soon,
-Body Party!