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About Us

How We Work:

The Cooper Point Journal is produced by students at The Evergreen State College, with funding from student fees and advertising from local businesses. The Journal is published for free every other Thursday during the school year and distributed throughout the Olympia area. Our content is also available online at

Our mission is to provide an outlet for student voices, and to inform and entertain the Evergreen community and the Olympia-area more broadly, as well as to provide a platform for students to learn about operating a news publication.

Our office is located on the third floor of the Campus Activities Building (CAB) at The Evergreen State College in room 332 and we have open student meetings from 5 to 6 p.m every Monday and Thursday.

Write For Us:

We accept submissions from any student at The Evergreen State College, and also from former students, faculty, and staff. We also hire students onto our staff, who write articles for each issue and receive weekly learning allotments.

Have an exciting news topic? Know about some weird community happening? Enjoy that new hardcore band? Come talk to us and write about it!

We will also consider submissions from non-Evergreen people, particularly if they have special knowledge on the topic. We prioritize current student content first, followed by former students, faculty and staff, and then general community submissions. Within that, we prioritize content related to Evergreen first, followed by Olympia, the state of Washington, the Pacific Northwest, etc.

To submit an article, reach us at